Library Building, Lateran University

LOCATION Vatican City
TASK Concept and Schematic Structural Design, Development design, Working Drawings
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN King & Roselli Architetti
AREA / VOLUME 8.000 m3
CLIENT Lateran Pontificial University, Vatican City
STRUCTURAL DESIGN TEAM Andrea Imbrenda, Pierfrancesco Imbrenda, Antonio Sivilia, Raffaele Cervellera, Rosa Mangano, Antonio Bindi


The building has an almost square plan with sides of 19m and a height of about 25m. It is divided into two parts: the first are the book stacks on a regular structure in reinforced concrete with 23 cm thick solid slabs and pillars; the second is the reading room that consists of sloping slabs supported on deep edge beams and 4 concrete filled steel columns.