New Canadian Embassy In Italy

LOCATION Rome (Italy)
TASK Concept, Schematic Structural Design, Development design, Working Drawings
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Sartogo Architetti Associati – Prof.Arch. P. Sartogo e Arch.N. Grenon
CLIENT DFA IT – Canadian Government
STRUCTURAL DESIGN TEAM Andrea Imbrenda, Pierfrancesco Imbrenda, Stefano Pastò, Vito Capone, Vincenzo Ottaviano, Saverio Dipasquale, Antonio Circolo, Vincenzo Lopes, Michele Lioy


The new office building of the Embassy of Canada is made up of two blocks: a single story building and a building consisting of three floors above ground and one underground floor. The structures are in reinforced concrete with in situ columns and solid floor slabs. All structures are designed to be blast resistant.