Office Building P9

LOCATION Milan (Italy)
TASK Concept, Schematic Structural Design, Development design, Working Drawings
AREA / VOLUME 70.000 m3
DEVELOPER P9 S.r.l. – part of the Aedes group
STRUCTURAL DESIGN TEAM Andrea Imbrenda, Pierfrancesco Imbrenda, Rosa Mangano, Ippazio Cataldi, Antonio Circolo, Gianni Casella, Roccaldo Dinitrio


Office building with a central courtyard. The building structures are mainly in reinforced concrete. Foundations are direct: grid work of grade beam and raft foundations. The above ground structures are made of lighter plates and connecting beams, while the vertical elements mainly consist of columns and sheer walls. The mezzanines are supported on a steel frame with steel stairs. Steel columns are used on the façade in accordance with the architectural features of the project. The roof structure is in straight glue-lam beams and composite glue-lam and steel trusses.