Piazza Della Concordia, “Sea Front”

LOCATION Salerno (Italy)
TASK Concept, Schematic Structural Design
CLIENT City of Salerno
STRUCTURAL DESIGN TEAM Andrea Imbrenda, Pierfrancesco Imbrenda, Giuseppe Gammone, Antonio Circolo, Vincenzo Lopes, Gianni Casella, Michele Lioy


The urban plan envisages the widening of the sea front area with sea-works, creating the space for a 32,000m2 car park, a tower building (the Sail) of approximately 18,000m2 and a underpass connection through the site. The car park is built with a direct waterproofing system of the concrete, made up of raft foundations, precast pillars and light-weight waterproof concrete floor plate. The Sail building is braced by reinforced concrete cores on composite steel-concrete columns and on-site floor slabs. The underpass tunnel uses “top-down” technology in its construction.