Turati Mechanical Multilevel Parking

LOCATION Milan (Italy)
TASK Structural Refurbishment, Structural Work Direction
DEVELOPER Turati Immobiliare S.r.l., AEDES


The project foresaw construction of a six levels underground parking carried out with top-down technique. Works were stopped reaching level -4, due to plentiful water inside the excavation site because of the improper execution of the jet-grouting on the bottom and the non-verticality of the micropiles along perimeter. Completion of works implied: dewatering of the excavation; execution of all structural works required to set under way situation, demolition of the micropiles interfering with the mechanized parking perimeter and finally construction of the basement raft of the catch basin. In particular works needed the design of temporary works to support already completed slabs to allow cutting of inner micropiles and construction of waterproofing under basement raft.