University Building

LOCATION Forlì (Italy)
TASK Development design, Working Drawings
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Arch. L. Rossi (Project Leader)
AREA / VOLUME 14.600 m3
CLIENT Forlì Town Council
STRUCTURAL DESIGN TEAM Andrea Imbrenda, Pierfrancesco Imbrenda, Marco Graziosi, Antonio Sivilia, Rosa Mangano, Ippazio Cataldi, Antonio Circolo,Gianni Casella, Roccaldo Dinitrio, Barbara Lo Giudice, Vincenzo Lopes


The so-called Trefolo is the set of paths that connect the lecture halls. It consists of three twisting tubes with variations in height and plan. The three tubes (with a total length of about 100m) rest on irregularly spaced vertical elements (props and stairwell partition walls) with several significant spans. The project presented extremely challenging structural and technical challenges. Structurally, due to aspects in relation to its behavior under static and seismic conditions and, technically, due to the difficulty of site conditions during construction.