Key competence

PROGES ENGINEERING S.r.l. is an Engineering Company with a specialist profile. The main field of interest is the structural engineering with particular attention to the design and construction management of common and pre-stressed reinforced concrete, steel, glulam works and structural reinforcement works.

The company was established in 1998 through the dedication of the two charter members  Andrea Imbrenda Eng. Ph.D and  Pierfrancesco Imbrenda Eng.  as the natural prosecution of Mr. Andrea Imbrenda’s activity. The company is based in Rome and in Venosa (Potenza), where its registered office is located.

Some of the main features of the company are: good flexibility, strong skills in complex structural problem solving, deep knowledge of the building process, constant professional updating.

Thanks to all these skills, the company has been awarded important contracts since the beginning. The company moved mainly to the structural design for architectural works and for the building industry, both for building enterprises and for industries related to construction (metal carpentry and gluelam factories). The link between the company and the construction world provides a continuous growth in the knowledge of the building resources and it is a great challenge to search for solutions to be used as the enterprise know-how for the executive planning of architectural works.

Thanks to these skills, the company has been awarded important contracts in the whole country. Good productivity performance, growing number and rising importance of contracts, increasing turnover have been the positive trend of the company life.

The two main features of the business are: the excellent quality of the work (great attention to detail when drafting the final plan etc) and the constant refresher training of the technical staff aimed at supporting the problem solving in very elaborate projects.

Below are reported some notes about the company organizational and management structure, organization chart of the staff, equipment, its partners’ curricula and the contracts carried out.